Youthful Hairstyles To Make You Feel Confident

Youthful Hairstyles To Make You Feel Confident

The right hairstyle can do amazing things for your confidence. The way you style and wear your hair not only creates your ‘look’ but it also attracts attention to the parts of your face you want. By having a youthful hairstyle and attracted the attention to right features, you will look younger, heathier and more youthful, while feeling more confident.

We have put together a few youthful hairstyles that our hairdressers in Sleaford recommend. However, the best thing you can do is book a free hair consultation so we can talk about you and your hair care routine. Our professional hairdressers will look at your hair type, condition and face shape. We can talk about the features of your face you love and which hairstyle will attract attention to these parts of your face.

So, what are these youthful hairstyles to make you feel confident?

The Wavy Bob

Think Meg Ryan and Nicole Kidman. This is a really timeless classic that suits older and younger women alike. It’s been a popular celebrity style for some years and for good reason too. The bob hairstyle has always been popular among older women, but adding in the wave adds a bit of youth, shape and volume. The wavy bob is perfect for almost any face shape and it is not a fashion of hairstyle that will ever become outdated.

Soft Bangs

The full bangs can be a life-saver for many women. It can hide those facial lines that you feel age you. However, it’s a really popular style among younger women, which is why it is such a youthful hairstyle. It’s a flattering shape and a youthful style, which is why so many women over 50 are opting for the soft bangs as their preferred hairstyle. If you have a longer face or your face is oval shaped, this hairstyle works perfectly. That said, if you get a professional hairdresser in Sleaford (like our team) then the right shape can soften and slim a fuller face too.

Pixie Cut

No matter what anyone thinks, shorter hair will always be easier to manage and maintain. It’s quicker and easier to style too. A neat pixie cut is the perfect youthful hairstyle if you’re keen to keep your hair short, while looking younger. It’s a quick style hair cut too, needing a touch of volumiser products, gel or wax and you’re done. If you want to stay fashionable, but want to avoid hours of hair maintenance then this could be the perfect youthful hairstyle for you.


These are just 3 of the many youthful hairstyles you may want to consider. As we said, book yourself a free hair consultation with our friendly hairdressers in Sleaford. They will take the time to get to know you, your likes and your hair. The perfect hairstyle can then be recommended for you and you can chat about how to keep it looking great for longer too.