Zeebra Hair Salon – Our Team

We know that we have only become one of the favourite hairdressers in Sleaford because of our team. A good hair salon is only as good as its amazing hairdressers. Our hairdressers are a friendly, welcoming and professional team. Their goal is to ensure that all clients leave our salon feeling amazing, with fabulous looking hair.

So, here is the team of hairdressers that work their magic on your hair;


Salon Manager/Senior Stylist

Kellyana is the Manager at Zeebra and is a popular member of the team. She loved the idea of hairdressing at school and decided to follow that dream. If you have made a hair mistake then you’re in safe hands with Kellyanna – she has been there before. When she was 10 years old she cut her own fringe, it grows back spiked up and very noticeable (for all the wrong reasons). So, you can rest assured they’ll be no judging when you book a hair appointment with Kellyanna to fix your DIY hair disaster.
Kellyanna is really skilled at creating the perfect beach waves. It’s a fabulous hairstyle that suits many hair types and face shapes. She also has a great top tip for all our Zeebra clients. Try and leave as many days between hair washes as possible. This will let the natural oils repair and hydrate your hair and scalp.
The most common question that Kellyanna is asked by our clients is how to stop hair breakage. She says to avoid tension hairstyles, no scraping hair back from the face and no vigorous washing or drying. Kellyanna also recommends using oil for your hair type and avoid heated styling.


Senior Stylist

Cody joined our great team of hair stylists in Sleaford at the end of the second lockdown. We knew how busy we were at the end of the first lockdown so wanted to ensure we were prepared with an awesome pair of talented hands. Cody has wanted to be a hairdresser since she was 8 years old and she has never changed her mind. When Cody is styling or cutting hair, she is happy.
Cody believes that there is a huge difference in the quality of ingredients in professional hair products when compared to high street hair brans. However, it is more important that you use a hair care product that is suited to your hair type.
Cody loves creating a bouncy curl style for her clients; it’s her favourite hairstyle. But did you know that Cody also has a claim to fame? She created ‘clean blondes’! Want to know? You’ll have to book your next hair appointment in Sleaford with her and she can spill the beans.


Self Employed Artistic Director

When Charlotte was younger her friend’s dad was a hugely successful hairdresser where she grew up in Lancashire. Watching his grow his business and seeing the lifestyle he lived lit the passion of hairdressing for Charlotte and it became the dream career for her. She is an asset to the team and her passion for hairdressing shines through in the styles she creates for our clients.

Charlotte has a top hair tip she would love to share with you. She says that you should always use a heat protectant product. This will not only help to protect your hair from damaging heat, it will also help with the longevity of your hair colour. Charlotte has experience of celebrities’ hair too. She used to cut the hair of the Preston North End footballers. However the one person’s hair she would love to get her hands on is Boris Johnson!

Do you remember Kevin Simm from Liberty X? He is Charlotte’s friend’s brother! He won The Voice more recently and is now the lead singer of Wet Wet Wet. If you’re looking for celeb gossip, it is well worth sitting in Charlottes chair for your next hair appointment!


Senior Stylist

Lisa has worked with Lee Stafford so you’ll know you’re in safe hands when you have a hair appointment with her. Lisa absolutely adores creating root stretch and highlights, she’s great at hair-up styles too. If you’re desperate for your hair to grow faster Lisa has a top tip for you. She recommends massaging the scalp for 5 minutes each evening and you’ll soon notice the results.

In the evenings Lisa enjoys a meal out at Frankie and Benny’s or catching up on Eastenders.



Fay has been working backstage in theatres and glamming up brides for years. She loved working with people to make them look glamorous. This journey led her to becoming part of our team. When you book an appointment with Fay you’ll know you’re in safe hands. Not only does Fay have many years experience in the hair industry, she has also worked on a music video / short film that starred Emma Rigby. Fay was part of the Hair and Make Up team behind the scenes.
Fay loves the retro and classis hair curling techniques and she feels that the rollers, ragging and pin curls gives clients the bounce and volume they want, but reduce the risk of heat damage. Fay loves creating intricate up-dos and creative hair colours, so if this is something you are considered – Fay is definitely the hairdresser for you.
Clients always ask Fay how to style natural curls and this is what she says; My favourite tip for this is to stick to natural fibres when drying. Dry hair and encourage curls by drying the hair with an old cotton t-shirt. Get your head upside down and scrunch your hair into the shirt. Don’t rub! When hair is damp scrunch in some mousse or curl cream and voila!


Trainee Hairstylist

Alisha is a great member of our team and always offers a friendly welcome when clients arrive through our door. Alisha always dreamed of working in hair and beauty through school, so joining the Zeebra felt like a great decision for her. She’s joined the team in July 2019 and we have seen her talents and skills grow.
Alisha has two favourite hairstyles. These are the Hollywood Waves and the Chignon. She thinks they both look great on clients and create the perfect look for any occasion. If you are into football you may be interested to hear that Alishas family member holds the all time record for the most goals scored by Blackburn Rovers! However if you prefer a quiet night in, Alisha will happily chat about her favourite NetFlix series which is currently Power. Matched with an Indian Take Away and you have Alisha’s perfect night in.
A question that clients often ask Alisha is how to make their hair grow faster. Alisha always recommends that you massage your scalp when conditioning your hair as this will help encourage hair growth.