Children’s Hair

Children’s Hairdressers in Sleaford

As adults many of us enjoy a trip to the hairdressers; that’s definitely our goal here at Zeebra. Why shouldn’t children enjoy their hair appointment too? We wanted to create an atmosphere that children loved and it meant they looked forward to their next visit. So, we have dedicated the upstairs of the salon to the children.

We have found ways to offer that extra special something to our younger clients and their parents. For example, we will give you a keepsake box and certificate for your child’s first hair cut. We have a VW or a mini that your child can sit in for their hair appointment. During their hair appointment, they will get some juice, sweets and a balloon too. We have an X-Box station for older children to sit in during their hair appointments.

Children can also choose to have their hair cut in the Glamour Room where they can enjoy some pampering during their visit. This can include lip gloss, a little make-up, stardust, glitter tattoo or a manicure and pedicure for older children. Getting your hair done should be a treat you look forward to, not another thing on the list that you need to get done. By offering fun kids haircuts in Sleaford we are making that hair appointment easier and more enjoyable for everyone.