How To Banish Split Ends For Good

Split ends aren’t just the result of using heated tools too much or the mistreating of your hair. Split ends can be inevitable for so many people. Unless you have a hairstylist on hand at all times that can constantly trim your hair, then you are almost guaranteed to spot a few split ends from time to time.

However, there are ways that you can prevent them. We have shared some ways to banish split ends below for you.

  • Tools

Using a hairbrush with lots of hard bristles will damage your hair. Choose a softer brush as this will avoid the pulling and tugging of harder bristles that can rip sections of your hair and result in split ends.

  • Heat

Try to reduce the amount of times that you reach for the heated tools. If you do need to use them then turn down the heat. Any heat on your hair will cause damage to your hair that could result in split ends. But if you can reduce the amount of heat on your hair then your locks will look better in the long run for it.

  • Night-time

Noticed tangled hair in the morning after a night’s sleep? To avoid this knotting, that can lead to split ends, put your hair in a lose bun or ponytail. However, make sure you don’t tie your hair back too tight or this can have the opposite affect on your hair and cause more damage.

  • Treatment

Washing and drying your hair too frequently can cause damage due to heat exposure. Make sure you use a good-quality conditioner every time you wash your hair. Using regular masks and treatments on your hair will also help boost your hairs health and reduce the likelihood of split ends. If you’re not sure of the best hair products for your hair type or routine, ask our friendly hairdressers in Sleaford.

  • Disguise

There are some hair oils and sleek hair products that do a great job of minimising the look of spilt ends. These products seal the split ends, so they look better, but they are not a cure. The products are great for disguising split ends until you can next get a trim or hair cut at the hairdressers in Sleaford. It’s only a short-term solution.

  • Eliminate

The only way to get rid of straggly hair and split ends is with regular hair trims in Sleaford. A regular haircut every 6 to 8 weeks will help maintain healthy looking hair and reduce the risk of split ends too. If you’re trying to grow your hair, then just ask for a trim so the split ends can be chopped off but you can still grow luscious long locks.