Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Winter

The cold, wet and windy winter weather can be really harsh on hair. All the winter elements will make your hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage. In this blog post we share just some of our hairdresser’s top tips and easy ways to keep your hair healthy this winter.

  • Turn Down The Heat

A hot shower on a cold, dark morning may feel like the perfect treat, but it will not be a treat for your hair. The hot water will strip the moisture from your hair, and also your skin. We would recommend you keep your showers lukewarm and as short as possible. If you are desperate for a hot shower to warm up, make sure you grab your shower cap.

  • Add Extra Moisture

Treating your hair to some extra moisture is a great idea and will combat your dry hair. There are loads of great moisture creams and leave in moisture masks out there. While the nights are cold and we are stuck in lockdown, why not treat yourself to a pamper evening full of moisturising? Your skin and hair will thank you for it.

  • Opt For Air Drying

It may be fun to have a blow out or straighten your hair so it looks fabulous, but it will not do your hair any favours. Instead allow your hair to air-dry as much as possible. Give your straighteners and curling irons a break and your hair will stay healthier this winter. If you do have a special night our and really want to use your heated tools, make sure you grab the heat protectant!

  • Grab A Hat

As we’ve said, the winter weather elements can do a lot of damage to your hair, so grab a hat to literally protect your hair. If you’d rather a hooded jacket to avoid the risk of hat hair, that will protect your hair too. A satin lined cap is a great option to keep the hat but avoid the hat hair this winter. It will reduce the risk of frizzy hair too.

  • Keep Up With Haircuts

While we know that hasn’t been easy this year with the first lockdown followed by a second. However, as soon as your local hairdressers in Sleaford opens, make sure you are in there. Check out our website now to pre-book your appointment for when lockdown is over. We can give your hair a trim and recommend any other products your specific hair type or hair care routine may need to keep your locks luscious during these colder months.


We can’t wait to welcome you back into our hair salon in Sleaford soon.