Balayage Versus Highlights

Balayage Versus Highlights

One of the most common questions we are asked at Zeebra hair salon in Sleaford is what the difference between balayage and highlights is. Our clients want to know if they should have highlights or balayage, which is better for their hair, and why. In this blog post we compare balayage to highlights. But first, let’s look at what balayage and highlights are.

What Is Balayage In Sleaford?

Balayage is a French word. It means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. Balayage isn’t a look, instead it is a technique. The colour is painted on to selected strands of your hair without the use of foils. Balayage commonly creates a warmer colour finish than highlights. It creates a natural sun kissed look for our client’s luscious locks.

What Are Highlights in Sleaford?

Traditionally highlights are select strands of hair that are weaved out of as thin subsection of hair. Foil is typically laid over these hair strands and a lighter colour is used to lighten the colour of the hair. The highlighted hair will be lighter than the rest of the hair. These highlights will lift the level or brightness of the chosen hair strands.

Balayage Versus Highlights

Now let’s compare the two hair colouring techniques to see which could work best for you and your hair.

  • Application

With traditional highlighting, the application is very structured. The highlighting technique covers the whole head. Meanwhile, with balayage, it’s more a free hand painting technique. The hairstylist is Sleaford has more control over where and how the colour is placed on your hair.

  • Finished Result

Classic highlights will compliment your natural colour. This is because they are applied all the way from the roots. The finished result from highlights is a lighter look, from roots to ends. However, with balayage you do not have to have the roots colours. But you can have the roots coloured if you choose. The hair in balayage is natural at the root. It is then blended from the mid to end of the hair, so the style gets progressively lighter towards the ends.

  • Regrowth

For highlights in Sleaford we would recommend that you could back roughly every 8-12 weeks to have your colour done. However, because balayage is a more blended look that blends into your natural hair colour, you have more flexibility as to when you want your next balayage appointment in Sleaford again.

Why not book a hair consultation with one of our stylists so we can discuss the best hair colouring technique for you?