3 Common Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Here at Zeebra Hair Salon in Sleaford we do a lot of blow-dries for our clients. These range from curly blow-dries to straight blow-dries, blow-dries for volume and blow-dries for that special nigh out. However, we also know clients like to do their own blow dry at home.

These are 3 common blow dry mistakes people make, and how you can avoid them.

  1. An Average Hair Dryer

Your blow dry will only be as good as your hair dryer. If you want the perfect, professional blow dry with the ‘fresh from hair solon’ look – then you’ll need a professional hair dryer. While a cheap hair dryer may be tempting, or perhaps you have come attached to your old one, a brand-new professional hair dryer will create that professional blow dry look. A professional hair dryer will also come with the attachments that you need to create the perfect blow dry. Pop into our salon and we can recommend the best professional hair dryer for you to help avoid this common blow dry mistake.

  1. No Heat Protection

This is a huge no-no. We are amazed at how many people skip the heat protection products when doing a blow dry at home. This stuff is designed to protect, care for and look after your hair. Why wouldn’t you use it? It’ a super simple step in creating the perfect blow dry that you really shouldn’t ignore. If you’re not sure of the best heat protecting product for your hair, speak to our hairdressers in Sleaford. We will take a look at your hair, ask about your hair care routine and recommend the best hair protecting product for you.

  1. Where You Start

We see so many people that begin their blow dry at the back of the head – but you actually need to start at the front. It may feel awkward at first as it’s not what you’re used to, but it will be worth it. The front of your hair is the bit that you’ll see the most. Concentrating on the parts that are most visible will ensure they dry out less before you get around to them. Work front to back, not back to front. It will result in a beautiful blow dry and reduce the risk of frizzy hair too.

If you have a girl’s night out, date night or a special occasion coming up – book yourself in for a blow dry in Sleaford. You’re guaranteed a great finished result and it will give you time to relax and enjoy yourself too.