The Fringe Is Back

Are you looking for a quick and creative way to freshen up your hairstyle as we come out of our 3rd lockdown? How about adding a fringe? It’s a great way to update your look, freshen your style and modernise your hair too. The fringe is back; are you ready?

There are some gorgeous fringe ideas out there. We have certainly come a long way since the Lego-style fringes of our school days. Fringes are fresh, modern and very in trend. Whether you’re looking to make a statement or go for a more casual look; we can create the fringe you’re looking for.

These are our three favourite fringes to celebrate the return of the fringe;

  1. Casual Side Sweeping Fringe

If you hate the look of a freshly cut fringe, then a casual side-sweeping fringe is for you. The length of a casual side sweeping fringe should skim just above the top of your eyebrows. This creates a more versatile look to your hairstyle. The finish is a longer, overgrown looking fringe that beautifully frames the face.

  1. Micro Fringe

The micro fringe is for the bold and adventurous among us. It is a blunt cut. The micro fringe should sit around a centimetre above the eyebrows, creating a funky and edgy look. The super short fringe trend is very popular among celebrities too. Just look at Bella Hadid who ricks this super cool fringe in true style.

  1. Coloured Fringe

A really popular fringe trend at present is to add a flash of colour into the fringe. This could be a hidden hair colour that is only seen as you sweep your fringe or pop it up. Alternatively, you could add a vibrant flash of red, purple or blonde to your fringe to really make a statement. Have a chat with your hair stylist about suitable hair colours and colouring techniques to best suit your fringe, hair and face.

Welcoming the fringe back after lockdown is the perfect way to freshen up your look and try something new. Whether you want something bog and bold, or a more gentle and natural style – we can help. Enquire about a hair consultation now and we can get you booked in for when we can return again.

The fringe is back; but will you be trying it?